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We Can Do It! by =temporary-glitch



We Can Do It! by =temporary-glitch


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tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

My first instinct would be to saw robots. I mean, come on.  Robots could totally kick the ass off some fleshy dinosaures, right?  I would hope so.  Unless the robots used their highly functioning intellect, and created a dinobot. That may be the end of it for us meat bags.

Some chair work I just learned

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Failure at life on a stripper pole

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My entry for a halloween pole danceing competition. I won first in my division!

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There needs to be some sort of galactic nerd theme for this place. How the hell am I supposed to get by without Star Wars?!

Also, if you are into Burlesque (yaknow…those shows where ladies do dances and take their clothes off?) You need to come to the Lollie Bomb Burlesque show Friday and Saturday June 15 and 16 at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre. Reserve tickets in advance, because they will sell out…and then how are you gonna see me?!?!

— Miss Krissy Cupcake

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Good Launch, and Bad Launch from Dragon Ball Z

A-Kon 23

All Photos by mexicanime

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Your friendly secluded island pervert

Your friendly secluded island pervert

popping my cherry

So, I’m brand new to this tumblr thing. Several of my friends have one, so I decided to be a sheep, and also get one. So there. Tumblr virginity is now gone forever….just like my real v-card